Featured on ESPN daily, Pepper trains exercise teachers around the nation and is a motivational speaker for young, old, physically fit, unfit as well as for the specially challenged.

Some of Pepperʼs awards and honors include the Presidential Sports Award, Attorney General Award of Merit, Leadership Award of Excellence from the Health and Fitness Institute, Man of the Year for the American
Athletic Association, Instructor of the Year of the American Aerobic Association International, and Father
of the Year from the Sacramento Birthing Project.

In spite of these commendable awards, the special things Pepper does for our youth and for the physically challenged are what is most significant to him.

Reaching Out

Pepper is involved with an organization of community based mentors and life coaches to help troubled teens and children to find motivation and direction in their lives.

Pepper uses dance and discussion to emphasize the importance of education and to motivate young people to treat themselves and others with respect.

Pepper speaks about drugs, teenage pregnancy, gangs, guns and violence.

Kids come in guarded and uninterested, but with Pepper's cool dance moves and rap songs, he serves as a role model and a symbol of excellence allowing him to inspire the lives of teenagers and adolescents of all ages.


Pepper Von is recognized as a fitness specialist, choreographer, director, motivational speaker, and co-business owner of Step 1 Sacramento Dance & Fitness Studio.

Pepper has gained national credibility for his dancing, kick boxing, aerobics, mentoring and motivational speaking. He was featured on ESPN’s “Fitness Pros" television show, has appeared in dozens of theater and music productions, holds two black belts with the American International Kick-Boxing Team, is a member of the International Sports and Medicine Association, and has won a slew of national and local awards.

Pepper is on a mission to unify people's hearts and to impact the lives of all ages in a positive way.